Historic Nor’Easter to Wallop New York, New England

By: Jeff Masters and Bob Henson, 04:22 PM GMT on Siječanj 26, 2015

Observations and model output over the last few hours continue to point toward a snowstorm/blizzard tonight and Tuesday that will affect tens of millions of Northeasterners with potential record snowfall, extremely high winds, and significant coastal flooding. Snow was quickly developing on Monday morning across the New York metro area and southern New England. Below is a summary of the potential impacts from this major weather event. We will provide frequent update...

Winter Weather Blizzard Juno

Updated: 04:39 PM GMT on Siječanj 26, 2015

Potentially Historic Blizzard Taking Aim on New England

By: Bob Henson, 06:30 PM GMT on Siječanj 25, 2015

The densely populated area from New York City to Boston could experience one of its ten biggest snowstorms on record early this week, as a textbook nor’easter takes shape over the next 48 hours. While local details are bound to evolve somewhat as the storm develops, the models are now in strong, consistent agreement on a potentially crippling snowstorm. Blizzard watches were hoisted on Sunday morning from eastern New Jersey to northeast Massachusetts, including th...

Winter Weather Nor'Easter

California Drought Worsening During Height of Rainy Season

By: Dr. Jeff Masters, 09:10 PM GMT on Siječanj 23, 2015

The Western U.S. winter rainy season has reached its halfway point, and there is only bad news to report for drought-beleaguered California. November through March marks the period when California receives its heaviest rains and snows, thanks to the wintertime path of the jet stream, which dips to the south and brings wet Pacific low pressure systems to the state. The rainy season started out promisingly, with several December storms bringing precipitation amounts c...


A Striking Change in Lightning Deaths

By: Bob Henson, 05:21 PM GMT on Siječanj 22, 2015

Already, the 21st century has brought us the deadliest U.S. hurricane since 1928 (Katrina, 2005) and the deadliest tornado since 1947 (Joplin, 2011). Here's much better news: the death toll from lightning has plummeted across the nation in recent decades, and the progress is holding up nicely. Veteran lightning analyst Ron Holle presented an update on national and global casualty trends at the American Meteorological Society's annual meeting in Phoenix earlier this ...

Severe Weather

Updated: 07:02 PM GMT on Siječanj 22, 2015

Icy Roads Cause Havoc in Oregon, Texas, Northeast

By: Bob Henson, 04:28 PM GMT on Siječanj 20, 2015

Motorists in widely dispersed parts of the country found themselves slipping and sliding over the last week in treacherous black-ice conditions. Hundreds of accidents and more than a dozen deaths were reported. Repeated shots of cold, shallow surface air pouring across much of the United States this winter are paving the way for multiple icing events. In a typical year, icy and snowy roads cause roughly 900 U.S. deaths, more than hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, an...

Winter Weather

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