Erika Nears Puerto Rico with High Wind, Heavy Rain

By: Bob Henson, 03:19 AM GMT on Kolovoz 28, 2015

Still poorly organized--but already deadly, and growing in size--Tropical Storm Erika is likely to cause problems in Puerto Rico on Thursday night into Friday. At least four people were killed by mudslides in the wake of Erika’s passage over Dominica. The capital of Roseau, on the island’s southwest coast, was hard-hit with major river and street flooding. According to, Canefield Airport on Dominica received 12.64” of rain between 2:00 am and 2:00 ...


Erika Floods Dominica; Major Uncertainties on Potential U.S. Impact

By: Jeff Masters, 02:23 PM GMT on Kolovoz 27, 2015

Heavy rains and strong gusty winds are sweeping through much of the northern Lesser Antilles Islands today as Tropical Storm Erika heads west at 16 mph. An Air Force hurricane hunter aircraft was in the storm Thursday morning, and at 8 am EDT found Erika's top surface winds were 50 mph, with a central pressure nearly unchanged at 1004 mb. The aircraft also found the center had jogged to the south by about 20 miles between 5 am and 8 am, a position which put the cent...


Updated: 06:54 PM GMT on Kolovoz 27, 2015

Erika Hangs on, With Big Uncertainties Ahead

By: Bob Henson, 01:36 AM GMT on Kolovoz 27, 2015

After going through a rather sickly phase during the day on Wednesday, Tropical Storm Erika began to rally after sunset, a sign that it may yet survive--and perhaps eventually thrive--en route to a possible U.S. East Coast landfall. As of 8:00 pm EDT Tuesday, Erika was located at 16.7°N, 59.5°W, or about 150 miles east of Antigua. Erika remains a relatively weak tropical storm, with top sustained winds of around 45 mph. An Air Force hurricane hunter measured peak ...


Updated: 01:38 AM GMT on Kolovoz 27, 2015

Tropical Storm Erika a Potential Threat to the Bahamas and U.S. East Coast

By: Jeff Masters, 03:33 PM GMT on Kolovoz 26, 2015

Tropical storm warnings are flying for Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and much of the northern Lesser Antilles Islands as Tropical Storm Erika speeds westwards at 17 mph. An Air Force hurricane hunter aircraft was in the storm Wednesday morning, and found Erika's winds had increased slightly, with top surface winds up to 45 mph from their previous 40 mph. Erika's tropical storm-force winds were all on the east and northeast sides of the storm. Satellite loops on W...


Updated: 06:14 PM GMT on Kolovoz 26, 2015

Slowly Organizing Tropical Storm Erika Prompts Caribbean Watches, Warnings

By: Bob Henson, 06:01 AM GMT on Kolovoz 26, 2015

Tropical Storm Erika is not looking especially fearsome tonight, although it remains a longer-term threat for parts of the southeast U.S. coast and a more immediate concern for the Caribbean. At 11:00 pm EDT Tuesday, the National Hurricane Center placed Erika at 16.0°N, 54.4°W, or about 500 miles east of Antigua. WIth top sustained winds still at minimum tropical-storm strength (40 mph), Erika was moving just north of due west at around 18 mph. That healthy clip h...


Updated: 06:06 AM GMT on Kolovoz 26, 2015

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